Protein Prediction 2 - Exercise

Visualizing biological data on the Web

Your Mentors

Tatyana Goldberg​​

Juan Miguel Cejuela 

Student Assistant



Exercise Website


Resources & Readings

Course Book: Interactive Data Visualization for the Web by Scott Murray (2013)

Free Online Version here


More useful resources will be posted on the Wiki - stay up to date!

GOAL : Interactive Visualization OF BIOLOGICAL DATA


Oct 16  - Introduction, BioJS, Technology Fundamentals (HTML, CSS, SVG)

Oct 23  - Technology Fundamentals (JavaScript, Git)

Oct 30  - Introduction to Interactive Data Visualization with D3

Nov 06 - Visualization: Best Practices

Nov 13 - Project Proposal

Nov 20 - Supervised Team Meeting

Dec 03 - Supervised Team Meeting

Dec 17 - Supervised Team Meeting

Jan 08  - Final Project Presentation (Prof. Rost)

Jan 15  - Submission to BioJS, Documentation


Project Phase
Theory Phase


Exercise 60 % 
Exam 40 %

Criteria FOr EXercise GRADING

Homework and participation in the exercise
Short biweekly update (~5min) of your progress during project phase
The implementation of your final project
Its clear and complete documentation
Final presentation of the component to the group & Prof. Rost 

Homework ONE (Everyone)

  1. Create a GitHub Account
  2. Make a Website (Codecademy)
  3. Make an Interactive Website (Codecademy)
  4. Find a Group (2-3 People) and think of a supercool Groupname (otherwise random)
  5. Fill in this Form

(Optional) Publish your Website (i.e. via GitHub Pages)

Very Good Websites will be presented in the Exercise (Fame!). 

Final Project (TEAM)

An Interactive Visualization for Biological Data for the Web

  • Hosted on GitHub (Teamwork)
  • JavaScript and D3 is the official Framework, but you can use any programming language you like (however no support from us!)
  • Project Roadmap 
  • Biweekly Meetings 
  • Final Presentation 
  • Will be submitted to BioJS & the Community
  • Very good visualizations will be published in a scientific journal (super good for your CV!)


INtroducing BioJS 

Project Coordinator Dr. Manuel Corpas (TGAC)